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Rare Treasures of John Waters and Ed Wood

UFO sighted over west Houston - 1969
UFO in Houston
Hello. I'm an acknowledged video archivist-collector who specializes in rare items by legendary stars. Although I'm an author by trade, my star hobby has led me into participation in various television specials and books where I have been consulted for the utilization of my vast video library of rare treasures by our finest performers.

I prefer to trade, if possible, but if you have nothing I need for my collection of rarities on Monroe, Garland or Dean, other arrangements can always be made. Don't hesitate to contact me to work something out. My goal is to share these rare items with other fans/collectors like myself. I am an individual hobbyist, not a business. These titles are assumed to be in the public domain. They are not intended for duplication or resale. They are offered for private use only from one collector to another--no rights given or implied.

John Waters (& Company)
Neon Woman
Divine Rock Music Videos
Divine - Tales from the Darkside
Divine John Waters - (Italian documentary)
Out of the Dark -
Incredibly Strange Film Show -
Mutants in Paradise
Divine: Live in Concert at London's Hacienda
I Wanna Be a Beauty Queen -
Ed Wood, Jr.
Glen or Glenda (1952)
Fugitive Girls (1972)
Crossroads Avenger (color pilot)
Violent Years
On the Trail of Ed Wood
Jail Bait
Sinister Urge
Hot on the Trail
Look Back in Angora (documentary)
Necromania / Love Feast
Married Too Young
Plan 9 Companion (documentary)
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Bride & the Beast
Bride of the Monster
Night of the Ghouls
Incredibly Strange World of Ed Wood (docum.)
Orgy of the Dead
Take it Out in Trade (and out-takes)
One Million Years AC/DC

FAQ: How do I get your complete list? If you are interested in my list defining the specifics of these above, please e-mail me at Please email me whenever possible as regards my total list. That is the quickest and easiest route to discuss the possibilities. I can send you an email attachment of all titles.

This list of titles is subject to change without notice. Some titles that were in public domain, listed herein, may now be commercially available. Therefore—some of these titles are no longer available from me. Contact me about your specific interests and titles and requests. Likewise—I get some new titles in from time to time—too numerous to list here, and continually update and edit. So-please feel free to contact me about titles you may want -but you do not see listed here. I may have them! Thanks—I look forward to your email soon!

Remember: These are rare items that have taken me years to locate and often purchase at a great personal cost. You normally can't see these in a theater, rent them in a video store, view them on a disk, or see them on satellite, cable or regular TV. There are recorded on DVDs. PLEASE NOTE: I also have memorabilia on Dean, Garland, Monroe, Liza and Hitchcock.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for visiting my page!

R. R. Rees