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Meet Mysterease!

He is Robert Rees . . .

In addition to writing three books, articles of mine have appeared in Remember, Starlog, Scarlet Street, Screem, Cult Movies, Exploitation Retrospect, The Oz Magazine, X-Files Magazine, Inside Meet Robert R. Rees . . . . R to the power of 3 Houston Magazine, Houston Chronicle, Fate, Magical Blend, Draculina, World of Fandom, Alternate Perceptions, Collecting Hollywood, Boomer, Big Reel, Classic Images, Vex, Unknown, Season Ticket Sports, Video Movie Collector, Screamcraft, Entertainment Texas and Movie Collector World.

I assisted on the television production "James Dean: A Portrait," which aired on the Disney cable network. I also worked as a video consultant on Forever James Dean for Cinemax, Mysteries and Scandals for the E! Channel. In addition to newspaper articles and Houston television appearances, I have been interviewed on radio shows for stations in Chicago, Phoenix, Miami, South Africa and others. Lectures at Houston-area schools are common. I appeared on national television in October 1997 on "Strange Universe."

Donald Spoto's biography on James Dean, Rebel, was published in March 1996. I provided research assistance on that project. In David Dalton's 1983 revised edition of The Mutant King, he lists me first in his acknowledgements.

I have worked as a background artist on several films released from 1996 to the present. These include: Tin Cup, Evening Star, The Locusts, Rocketman, The Con, Dance with Me and Arlington Road.

Information can be found at another location within this website for ordering two of my paperback books. Thanks again for visiting my site and I hope you have seen something of interest.

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