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Fans and friends--thank you for visiting my site! It was created by Robert T. Baker at RTB Design. If you are as interested in the legendary performers listed in my site as I am--please visit my website pals mentioned below. There you will find information, entertainment, photos, sketches, and more!

James Dean
American Legends - James Dean
James Dean Super Star
James Dean Memorial Gallery, The
Judy Garland
Judy Garland Club
Judy Garland Database, The
Liza Minnelli
Imagining Liza: Memoir of a Fan
Liza Minnelli Home Page (
Marilyn Monroe
Ellen's Place (
Marilyn Collection, The
Welcome to Michelle's Home Page
Danamo's Marilyn Monroe Page

I hope you will visit these fine sites and others as well. There are some real great pages you'll reach when you type in your other favorites--like Frank Sinatra, John Waters and Ed Wood--into your searches within the web. If I've left anyone out , it is a sin of omission on my part. I am new to the web, but a longtime source of rare information on the legendary performers of the screen. Thanks again for your time, and feel free to drop me an e-mail to --I hope I can help you with your collection and maybe you can help me with mine! Best - Mysterease (R. R. Rees)