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Book by Robert R. Rees

Twilight Tales

Twilight Tales by Robert R. Rees Twilight Tales contains 11 different fictional short stories. One story, that anchors the book, deals with James Dean! Did you ever wonder what would have happened if Dean had not died in that tragic wreck on 30 Sept. 1955? The tale is called "James Dean's Letter." You'll find out what marriage and fatherhood held for him, as well as what happened to his career, family, and friends. Hmmm... What might have been?
If you enjoyed James Dean's Trail: One Fan's Journey or James Dean: Beyond the Grave, I think you'll like this book as well. Again I offer a fresh approach and a new angle, as regards our Indiana friend in "James Dean's letter."
As far as the other stories are concerned, they offer insight into the human condition, by introducing you to a colorful assortment of characters not encountered solely at dusk! The narrations are rich with imagery, if not an occasional touch of irony. I hope you'll join me now inside these pages as we share another "journey" together!

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