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About CyberProfile

The CyberProfile Journal debut in February 1996 at Houston, Texas as a coalition of writers who would contribute articles of various interestsentertainment, weather phenomenon, socio-political issues, management, radio-TV.
In 1998, CyberProfile moved to San Antonio where it continued to publish stories until September 2001. The web site was brought down on 31 Aug 2003. It was one of the most politically prolific web sites in Texas history as it took a stand against the ill woes of societyrank-and-yank management, SUVs, bad moving companies, horrific apartmentsthe beat would go on.
A part of CyberProfile is now resurrected at Mysterease. As the originator of CyberProfileRob Bakerwould say, "Thanks for reading!"

The Roster:

Fred Nichols, Robbinsville, NJ: Mr. Nickols is a writer, trainer, consultant, and executive who lives and works in the Princeton, New Jersey area where he is employed as an executive director at Educational Testing Service (ETS). He is also the principle of The Distance Consulting Company.

Robert Rees, Katy, TX: Author of several publications including James Dean's Trails and owner of Mysterease, Mr. Rees is a well-noted motion picture archivist from Texas. His contributions pertain to the motion picture industry and celebrities.

Anatoly Shaykevich, Houston, TX: Associate Professor Shaykevich's background is in education and sociology. Originally from the former Soviet Union, he teaches the Russian language at the University of Houston.

Carolyn Holmes, Friendswood, TX: Ms. Holmes, a veteran in technical documentation management, brings to the forefront her insight of the evolving internet.

Robert Baker, San Antonio, TX: Internet developer with a communications background brings to the forefront articles on broadcasting, weather phenomenon, and social interests. He is also the publisher of the CyberProfile Journal and main principle of RTB Media.